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Astrophotography: Milky Way
Astrophotography: Nebulae
Astrophotography: Galaxies
Astrophotography: Clusters
Astrophotography: Supernova
Astrophotography: Comet
Milky Way
Orion Nebula
Whirlpool Galaxy in CVn
Globular Cluster in Peg
Supernova Remnant
Comet in Per

Astrophotography: Star Trails
Astrophotography Logo

You are about to embark on a unique trip and majestic tour spanning countless planets, stars
and galaxies throughout our massive and stunning universe. It is my sincere wish and
aspiration that this journey of sight (and mind!) will open new dimensions to your
appreciation and awareness of our countless and timeless celestial wonders.
Live Long and Prosper!

Copyright 2001-2021, Anthony Ayiomamitis. All rights reserved.
Astrophotography: Analemma

Astrophotography: Herbig-Haro
Astrophotography: Dark Nebula
Astrophotography: Arp Galaxies
Astrophotography: Open Cluster
Astrophotography: Abell Nebula
Astrophotography: Wolf-Rayet
Herbig-Haro in Cep
Dark Nebula in Cyg
Arp Galaxy in UMa
Open Cluster in Tau
Pl Nebula in Vul
Wolf-Rayet in Cas